Einzigartige Schmuck Geschenkideen zum Valentinstag!

The ML Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Guide: Classy Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Sweetheart!

Oh La La! The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. You are still looking for the right Valentine's Day gift ideas? Then you are exactly right with us! Giving away designer jewelry for Valentine's Day makes every heart beat faster. Whether for your sweetheart, your best friend or to spoil yourself. Our hand-sewn MASCHALINA Valentine's Day jewelry is the perfect Valentine's Day gift to show your love to all the special people in your life. There is a love gift for 2023 for every jewelry heart in our jewelry online store. In this blog article, we'll show you our elegant Valentine's Day jewelry favorites.

Put a ring on it!

Following these words of Beyoncé is not only a homage to love but also provides inspiration for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Surprise your loved one with a sparkling ring that will make her eyes shine. Our elegant stretch rings, adorned with soft pink and lilac gemstones, are the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry gift. The sustainable natural materials shimmer in romantic shades of pink on your loved one's ring finger. The SHELLONA LILAC RING and the PINK GEMSTONE RING are ideal Valentine's Day jewelry gifts. Easy to combine and still an eye-catcher! They also make an unbeatable shimmering Valentine's Day ring combination when worn together. The good thing about our handmade stretch rings is that they are stretchable. So if you're unsure of your girlfriend's ring size, these adjustable elastic rings are perfect. This is because their stretchy design allows them to fit your finger, making them suitable for multiple ring sizes. With a handcrafted handmade stretch ring made from quality natural materials, you show your partner how special she is to you. Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable and put a ring on it!

Handmade statement earrings as a classy valentines day gift

You want to give your girlfriend a special gift for Valentine's Day? Then we have the perfect love gift for you. Hand-sewn and extravagant statement earrings will bring your sweetheart great joy. It is important to us to create long lasting designer jewelry, which consists of the highest quality materials. Our statement earrings are hand sewn from the most precious natural materials to create your Valentine's Day earrings. All this happens in social workshops in Vienna. The most careful handwork and unique design ensure that the sewn earrings will last your loved one a long time. The extravagant GREY STARSHINE STATEMENT EARRINGS are sustainable hanging earrings made of pink and silver sparkling natural materials. The shimmering pink freshwater pearls combined with shiny silver Swarovski crystals make the perfect Valentine's Day earring. A jewelry gift truly to fall in love with!

A small gesture as a romantic proof of love

Valentine's Day is not about the biggest gift, of course. A little something for your sweetheart can be just as much of a demonstration of your love. Whether for your partner or your best friend: A velvet bracelet with a natural gemstone charm is guaranteed to delight your favorite person. The VELVET ROSE BRACELET is a soft, antique pink gemstone bracelet. A natural pink quartz is the highlight of the bracelet. The natural stone perfectly matches the color of the fabric of the bracelet. The size adjustable clasp allows the velvet bracelet to fit on any wrist. This small antique pink fabric bracelet is the perfect proof of love as a small Valentine's Day jewelry gift for all the very special people in your life. Would you like to give away several bracelets at once, or does your sweetheart prefer a different color? No problem! In our jewelry online store you can find the handmade fabric bracelets made of the highest quality velvet and precious natural gemstones in many different colors. In the MASCHALINA Valentine's Day bracelet selection there is guaranteed to be a suitable Valentine's Day velvet bracelet for every

Choose your Valentine's Day jewelry yourself

You definitely want to give your sweetheart a beautiful jewelry gift for Valentine's Day? With so many unique jewelry pieces in our jewelry online store, it's not always easy to decide. Fairly produced jewelry in romantic shades of pink, beige and silver are the ideal, classy Valentine's Day jewelry gift. We have plenty of them! But if you want to play it safe, let your girlfriend pick out her Valentine's Day jewelry gift herself. Nothing could be easier! With the MASCHALINA jewelry gift card, you can't make a mistake when choosing your Valentine's Day surprise. You decide the value of the jewelry gift voucher and your sweetheart can easily choose her sustainable Valentine's Day jewelry pieces by herself. The jewelry gift certificate is available from a value of 25€. You will receive the jewelry gift certificate by email and can then redeem it directly for your Valentine's Day gift in our jewelry online store.

Gifting hand-sewn designer jewelry for Valentine's Day has never been easier! In this Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Guide, we've rounded up the most magical gift ideas for you. Hopefully you'll find your sustainable piece of jewelry to fall in love with in our Valentine's Day selection. All of our MASCHALINA jewelry is designed, crafted, and packaged in our jewelry studio with extra love and shipped to you on time!

written by Lara Sommerauer