ML Herbst Schmucktrends 2023

ML Autumn Jewelry Trends 2023

Autumn is right around the corner, bringing an exciting time for jewelry lovers and fashion enthusiasts. As fashion fans know, autumn is not only a season of change in nature, but it also heralds new trends and ample creative opportunities in the world of fashion. In this blog post, we present to you the hottest jewelry trends for the autumn of 2023 that will perfectly complement your looks this season. From opulent statement earrings to elegant emerald greens and personalized pieces, you'll find inspiration and style ideas for a fashionable autumn!

Autumn Jewelry Trend 1: XXL Statement Earrings with Colorful Gemstones to Elevate Your Every Look

One might think that COVID-19 changed the world, and fashion was not immune to the pandemic's influence. After spending enough time in loungewear on the couch, there's no room for restraint, even in fashion. Being overdressed is no longer a concern. Therefore, this autumn, we're embracing opulent and extravagant jewelry to stay on-trend for 2023. Opt for jewelry pieces in muted autumn colors that can be seamlessly paired with your autumn and winter wardrobes. The gray XXL CORAL REEF STATEMENT EARRINGS, with their understated hues, are a perfect match for your winter attire. The leopard print earrings are ideal for formal occasions but can also be worn with a classic everyday look. Black earrings may initially seem unusual, but trust me, with the FLOWERS OF VENUS EARRINGS, you'll turn heads wherever you go. The classic earring shape combined with carefully arranged gemstones in deep black complements your cold-weather outfits effortlessly, whether it's for an evening gown, a night out, or even the office. However, this autumn, earrings should not only be oversized but also colorful! Colorful gemstones are the absolute jewelry trend for autumn 2023. The FLOWERS OF MONACO EARRINGS are the perfect combination of these two autumn trends, featuring unique statement earrings with colorful gemstones in trendy autumn shades. A rich violet tone and vibrant pink make these autumn earrings a true standout piece. Dare to wear colorful and extravagant statement earrings, let your creativity run wild when mixing and matching, and give your simple autumn and winter outfits that final touch.

Autumn Jewelry Trend 2: Emerald Green Jewelry for Autumn

Green is an absolute trend color for jewelry in autumn 2023. In our online jewelry collection, you'll find a wide range of green jewelry pieces, from earrings to bracelets and stretch rings, all of which can be stylishly paired with your autumn looks. The GREEN GLOOM STATEMENT EARRINGS not only stand out because of their color but also due to their unique shape. Triangle earrings made from natural materials in a bold green shade are the perfect choice if you want to look exceptionally fashionable in the upcoming autumn season. The NYOTA LAGOON EARRINGS also complete your looks with their dark shades of green. These drop earrings are modern in design, and the rich colors of the natural materials add elegance to your autumn earrings. If you prefer rings for the autumn jewelry trends of the season, we have a fantastic selection for you as well. Get creative with your autumn jewelry combinations and pair, for example, the GREEN GEMSTONE RING and the GREEN TREASURE RING, or wear them with your other jewelry pieces. Both of these rings are stretch rings made from high-quality natural pearls, making them not only practical but also super trendy! So, this season, green is undoubtedly the right choice for your autumn fashion accessories in 2023.

Autumn Jewelry Trend 3: Jewelry with a Personal Touch

Whether through fashion or the right jewelry, giving your looks a personal touch is all the rage this season. Personalized jewelry is not only trendy but also carries beautiful meaning. Just a few months ago, jewelry designer Mascha Lina Borodin created an entire personalized collection for her wedding. The Soulmate Collection is a heartfelt project that includes four beautiful statement earring designs that can all be combined in a super trendy way. Especially the FOR TATJANA STATEMENT EARRINGS are particularly fashionable due to their asymmetrical shape and high-quality materials in rich autumn colors. You can also add a personal touch to your looks with zodiac bracelets. If you're looking for more trend jewelry pieces to match your zodiac sign, check out our blog posts to discover which natural materials align with your sign and choose your new favorite trend jewelry piece based on that!

With these jewelry trends, you're well-equipped for autumn 2023 to express your personal style and customize your looks. Your jewelry will take center stage this autumn season! Browse our online jewelry shop to discover the latest trends and find your perfect autumn accessory.

written by Lara Sommerauer