On March 8, we once again celebrate International Women's Day in honor of all great women. But above all, this special day draws attention to the struggle for equal rights and opportunities for all women. Women have already accomplished a lot in the past, but there is still work to be done for a more equal future. That is why we need Female Empowerment! Female empowerment starts with self-empowerment, so we want to do something good for you with the MASCHALINA Female Empowerment Box!

From now on, every order of over 50€ will automatically receive our limited MASCHALINA Female Empowerment Box worth 100€ for free.

Enjoy little treats like the nut fruit mix from Lorenz or the classic Mannerschnitte for a snack in between. Relax in the evening with a fine sparkling glass of rosé from Schlumberger.

Treat yourself to a fine meal! In our ML Female Empowerment Box you will find the finest BAD ISCHLER natural salt in the Knolle und Kraut edition. It is perfect for refining and seasoning fish and meat dishes as well as for all kinds of dips and spreads. For thousands of years, the high-quality salt has been harvested from the mountains of the Salzkammergut, sorted by hand, then ground and sieved. Only the highest quality salt is processed into BAD ISCHLER natural salt. Thus, BAD ISCHLER natural salt combines the modern demand for a natural product with the tradition of salt mining in the heart of Austria.

Do it like the Parisians! Underline your uniqueness. Instead of touching up your alleged "flaws" with makeup, you should wear them with pride! That's why we rely on a soothing facial to make you glow. First, pamper your skin with an Ojesh face mask with natural ingredients, this provides your skin with moisture. For a natural moisture boost to your skin, apply Pure Green Hyaluronic Elixir. The principle of the French "less is more", does not count for the moisturizer! Therefore, apply the Biotherm Moisturizer at the end, which provides an ideal hydration of your skin with the regenerating effect of the thermal water.

While attention is often paid to a rich care of the skin, the lips are often neglected. Use Pure Green Lipbalm to prevent dry and chapped lips and to protect your lips, especially in the colder months.

In a lifetime, women use an average of 10,000 to 17,000 tampons or pads, so it's clear that this can't be sustainable. The Austrian company Happy Mona has therefore taken on the task of developing sustainable period products for women under the motto "Good for you, good for the environment!" to do something good for you and the environment.

Start your day with power! For a change, maybe with tea instead of coffee? The Bitter and Friends Women's Power Tea with medicinal plants such as lady's mantle, yarrow and verbena provides you with enough energy for your perfect day!

As a surprise, you will also receive a luxurious MASCHALINA bracelet with a 20% discount coupon.

The goal of the MASCHALINA Female Empowerment Box is to bring you into your power!

written by Sarah Weindl