Die neue MASCHALINA Valentinstags Box

The new MASCHALINA Valentines Box

Love is in the air! At MASCHALINA, we too are caught up in the Valentine's Day fever. Because what could be more beautiful than expressing your feelings to your loved ones? To convey how much the support of all our MASCHALINA fans means to, we have once again prepared an exclusive ML-VALENTINE'S BOX for you this year!

Starting from a minimum order value of €100, you will receive an exclusive MASCHALINA Valentine's Day Gift Box, packed with fantastic goodies worth €120, to fall in love with!

Our exclusive ML Valentine's Box includes seven carefully selected and packaged treats to make your heart skip a beat. You can look forward to the following Valentine's Day gifts:

Once again, STAUDS spoils us with a delicious organic jam - this time in a yummy peach flavour. As a sweet snack for in-between moments, the organic jam from our Valentine's Day Goodie Box provides enough energy and the right indulgent kick! Mhmmm, simply delicious!

Prefer a salty snack? For that, the Espresso Student Mix from Lorenz is just right! A delightful nut mix with a romantic coffee aroma sweetens the Valentine's Day for you and your loved ones in an especially savory way.

ML valentines goodie box with exclusive presents

Is there a more beautiful occasion to raise a toast than love? We dare to doubt it! That's exactly why you'll receive a small bottle of Schlumberger Secco in our Valentine's Day box. Whether with your partner, best friend, a beloved family member, or even just to unwind alone on the evening. A glass of Schlumberger sparkling wine sets the right mood for everyone to celebrate the festival of love!

Our beauty highlights from p2 Cosmetics must, of course, not be missing in our dreamy Valentine's Day box! Ensuring an enchanting Valentine's Day look with a classically elegant, dark red lipstick, a shimmering eyeshadow palette, and a high-quality powder to match every skin tone! With the cosmetic must-haves from our ML gift box, nothing stands in the way of the perfect Valentine's Day makeup!

Last but definitely not least, and already an integral part of our ML boxes: our MASCHALINA jewelry surprise. And this time, it's especially valuable. A beautiful pair of hanging MASCHALINA earrings in Boho style are waiting to be worn by you on your next date night! These earrings are part of our exclusive Marionnaud line, making them a truly special treat in this romantic gift box!

ML valentines goodie box with exclusive presents

One thing we promise you - the WOW moment on Valentine's Day is guaranteed with these sweet goodies! Whether as a surprise for your loved ones or as a well-deserved (!) Valentine's Day gift set for yourself. With this ML Valentine's Day surprise box, your celebration of love this year will be complete!


written by Lara Sommerauer