Phone Chains


      Stylish cell phone chains with chakra energy from MASCHALINA

      Counter negative cell phone radiation and let the energy of the gemstones work on you! With the new MASCHALINA cell phone chains you can positively influence your chakra. Each phone chain is made out of about 200 polished gemstone beads into a stylish and at the same time practical phone accessory. With their carabiner function you can combine them with your own phone case (if the case has loops) or with one of our color matching silicone phone cases. Beautiful natural gemstones in harmoniously coordinated colors create a relaxing effect. Due to their natural materials, the high-quality cell phone chains feel great on your body as well as in your hand. The natural gemstones adjust to the body temperature after a short time. You can hang our cell phone cases in the two anchors at the end of the cell phone chains. But you can also simply click the two rings into each other to escape from everyday life for a little meditation.

      What materials are the MASCHALINA cell phone chain accessories made of?

      Like our entire jewelry selection, the new MASCHALINA phone chains are made from the highest quality and long-lasting natural materials. The cell phone chains are being precisely and carefully handmade in Vienna. Around 200 polished gemstone beads are carefully threaded onto a sturdy nylon cord to create your trendy cell phone accessory. The tear-resistant string and the durable natural beads guarantee that your phone necklace will last you a long time and you can wear it every day. Due to the quality materials, the phone chain feels particularly high quality in the hand and hung around. The gemstones of your cell phone jewelry adapt to your body temperature after a short time. The harmonic effect of the natural materials used has a positive influence on your chakra and creates a relaxing mood.

      Which cell phone case do I combine with my cell phone chain?

      For each of our four handmade phone chain designs, there is also a color-coordinated silicone phone case. This can be ordered separately in our jewelry online store. Thus, depending on your needs and preferences, you can order only one phone chain, or a combination of cell phone accessory and a color-matching silicone case. The silicone cell phone cases are available in the colors yellow, turquoise, beige and purple. Thus, there is a matching color phone case to each phone chain made from natural gemstone beads. With the tone-on-tone phone accessory combination of a sustainably handmade phone chain and a matching silicone phone case, you have the absolute eye-catcher accessory for your mobile phone. Product information: The silicone phone cases are, unlike the rest of our jewelry, NOT manufactured in Austria, but purchased from an external seller.

      For which cell phone are the MASCHALINA phone chains and the phone cases available?

      The color matched silicone phone cases with a card holder and loops are available in our online store for the IPhone models: IPhone 13, IPhone 13 Max, IPhone 13 Max Pro and IPhone 12 Pro. Therefore you can order them in a matching combination for these models. Due to the convenient carabiner hook you can attach your pearl phone chain to any case with loops and use it for different phone models. All of our phone chains can be used for any cell phone model as long as you have a matching case with loops.

      How do I wear my MASCHALINA phone chain?

      Our new, high-quality phone chains are not only super useful, but also spice up your outfits at the same time. The best way is to let your phone chain with your attached smartphone simply hang crossed over your upper body. The careful arrangement of the high-quality natural materials guarantees that your phone chain is comfortable to wear and does not hurt. The quality gemstone beads adjust to your body temperature after a short time, which makes it even more comfortable to wear.

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