Voll im Trend! Die angesagtesten MASCHALINA Schmuckstücke für die Schmuck Trends 2023

Fully in trend! The hottest MASCHALINA jewelry pieces for the jewelry trends 2023

Creative, colorful, extravagant. This is the motto of the upcoming most popular jewelry trends in 2023. Gone are the days of understated pieces of jewelry. Therefore, do not wait any longer for the perfect occasion, but simply wear your shoulder-length statement earrings in everyday life. In this article, we'll tell you which unique MASCHALINA jewelry pieces will make you an absolute eye-catcher in 2023:

Trend 1: The more extravagant, the better - glamorous statement earrings as the highlight of your trend outfit 2023

In times of the pandemic, most people refrained from wearing flashy jewelry because of mask requirements or home office. For the 2023 jewelry trends, the word is out: big earrings are back and seem trendier than ever. What could be more fitting than our exclusive MASCHALINA statement earrings? The silver VENZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS combine mystique, seduction and uniqueness and make your entire outfit sparkle at any time of the day. You are more into golden jewelry? No problem! With the SANTA MONICA PIER STATEMENT EARRINGS, you'll absolutely hit the jewelry spirit of the 2023 fashion trends and will surely earn numerous admiring glances.

Trend 2: Colorful from head to toe

This season, it is also allowed to be extremely colorful. This refers especially to the choice of your accessories! Whether it's earrings, bracelets or necklaces, the main thing is that your jewelry shines in gorgeous, colorful shades. Inspired by breathtaking rainbows over the Caribbean Sea in St. Barths, the colorful TROPICAL RAINBOW EARRINGS give you a summery, sparkling glow. Especially trendy: green. The chic FLOWERS OF URANUS EARRINGS, which shimmer in the most beautiful shades of green, are ideal for this. You can also combine them with the VELVET URANUS BRACELET for a tone in tone jewelry Trend Look 2023.

Trend 3: Shimmering freshwater pearls for your beach trend look

The trend jewelry pieces from the MASCHALINA PEARL COLLECTION give you a trendy beach look and are made exclusively from the highest quality and most durable natural materials. This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, because beach looks and natural materials are the absolute trend this year. With the chic SANDY OCEAN STATEMENT EARRINGS or the cute NATURAL QUAD PEARL EARRINGS the excitement of wonderful beach days increases twice as much. So don't wait any longer for summer, just bring summer to you!

Trend 4: Sustainability - long-lasting designer jewelry from fair production

Wear fair and sustainably produced jewelry and still look especially luxurious? This is only possible at MASCHALINA! FAIRNESS AND SUSTAINABILITY have been a top priority for us since day one. All jewelry is sewn responsibly in regional workshops and exclusively by hand. Our jewelry is made only from the highest quality natural materials - so we guarantee you a long lasting jewelry companion. Nevertheless, should your jeverly ever have a flaw, we offer free repairs for your MASCHALINA jewelry. In addition, we have always been working together with social workshops in Austria and support social groups who have a hard time on the job market.

And, have you already discovered your trendy piece of jewelry for 2023? The most important message for the choice of your jewelry this year is: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! So stop hesitating, dare to wear big, colorful earrings and become an absolute eye-catcher with the most popular jewelry trends 2023!

written by Ina Lamadé